Sustainability in the garden


Sustainability and your garden

For me the idea of sustainability is key to creating a healthy natural garden. 

Sustainabiliy as a word means to maintain a certain level, to maintain an equilibrium or to maintain balance.

In reference to the garden, therefore, I understand it to mean maintaining a balanced ecosystem, in which different parts come together in a more balanced way, each supporting the other so that it can flourish and grow into its own individual expression.

A garden that grows in a balanced way creates a beautiful, scent filled colourful, nourishing garden,

whereas a garden that doesn’t function in a balanced way can become diseased, lifeless and empty.

Also, in horticulture and agriculture people often speak of sustainability in relationship to the broad picture of the ecosystem as it exists across the entire planet, and talk of things like:

  • Using sustainable resources rather than infinte resources, like using solar power as opposed to  petrol, or using timber that has been grown and harvested in a self sustaining way.

  • Taking up practices that reducing carbon emissions to reduce effect of global warming, like working with hand tools rather than petrol or electrical driven tools, or buying local produce rather than produce that carries a big carbon foot print in its journeys from countries far away.


Create a self sustaining garden

Today, we can take simple steps to create gardens that are sustainable, and even self-sustaining – they have all they need to grow in a balanced and lively way. 

Create a more self-sustaining garden by:

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