Sustainability and your gardens ecosystem

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Becoming aware of your gardens ecosystem

Sustainability through being aware of the gardens ecosystem

Raise our awareness of what the garden ecosystem is.

We can place the gardens ecosystem into some simple inter-connected parts:

the soil, insects/wildlife, animals, plants (from grasses to perennials to shrubs and trees) and humans!​

Look on your garden and ask: What is the health of the soil in your garden? What insect life do you see? What animals do you have? What plants do you choose to  bring into the garden? Who spends time in the garden – working and sitting or playing?

Or we can also ask, what subtle forces are at work on the garden? The aesthetic quality of a garden we cant explain with physcial facts, but we know its there, we experience it, and we know the aethetic smell of the Rose or the joy of heairng the grasses rustle in the wind, or the beauty of a view onto the rsing and falling ever green hills. This aesthtic more mysterious life, for me, is arising out of the life of subtle elemental beings, who today we cant see with our everyday way of looking, but whose presence was known to people in the distant past.  Today we can look on the garden with more physcial earthly eyes, or we can begin to cultivate more subtle eyes that see beyond the visble, that learn the capacity for a subtle sensing life, which reveals a deeper view to nature, that brings the subtle elemental life into view.

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What kind of soil do you have?

Clay, sandy.

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What insects, wildlife, animals live in your garden?

Hedgehogs, bumblebees, butterflies, beetles, spiders?