Natural Sussex Gardening Services

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Free consultation

Im happy to visit you and your garden, to see what work you'd like doing, to give you a quote, 

and also give you the opportunity to meet me.

This is free of charge and lasts 15-30mins. 

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Seasonal Maintenance tasks

Hourly rate £15.

I am well-qualified and experienced in carrying out the following tasks:

  • Tending flower beds and shrub borders -weeding, feeding, mulching, pruning and collecting seed.

  • Lawn care – aerating, scarifying, cutting and feeding. We can think about different kinds of lawn areas - longer grass areas, or bulb planting, well manicured or wild areas.

  • Do you have fruit/veg/herb production areas? If yes I can help with planting, feeding, pruning and harvesting, as well a disease and bug watch. Or I can help set up production areas, like the introduction of a herb garden.

  • Dealing with Garden waste – together we can find a beneficial solution to deal with garden waste. Like setting up your own composting system. Taking away waste I can do, but it will comes with a fee, due to council charges for trade waste.

  • Water in the garden – ponds, harvesting, irrigation in warmer months, dealing with water logged areas. Dealing with drought. 

  • Chemicals vs natural – what are the pros and cons? Finding methods can you use that suit your needs?

  • Social spaces in the garden – maintaining the intended atmosphere in different areas of the garden, or creating quiet reflective areas, or areas for dining and entertaining. 

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Draw up a simple garden picture, as well as a seasonal maintenance plan.

Together we can draw up a picture of where your garden currently stands.

We will consider that just as nature is busy at work in the garden creating all sorts of shapes, and colours,

so too people are at work on the shape and form of the garden.

To find out what is created from the interaction between you and your natural garden, we can ask the following simple questions:

  1. What ‘things’ do you see in your garden? For example, what shapes, colours, plants, trees, buildings.

  2. What would you like to bring into the garden, what would you like to give it? For example, maybe a brighter colour like yellow, or a seat, or create a more wild space.

  3. What effect would these changes have both on nature and on people?

A draft picture

We will come up with a draft picture of where your garden stands and what you'd like it to grow into. 

From here we can also begin to make a first draft plan as to what tasks need to be taken up, and here we can also work out what tasks can you do, and what tasks will others need to do, e.g. an experienced hedge cutter or arbortist for tree care, or my good self!

My fee is at same hourly rate of £15 per hour, so it often depends on the size of your garden as to how long it takes to look and plan.  

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A family approach to the garden

  • Help your 'little hands' to play and get involved in the various seasonal garden tasks

    • Autumn – raking leaves, building up your composts, collecting seeds, planting bulbs.

    • Winter - making bug hotels, turning the compost pile, collecting fallen twigs for indoor or outdoor fires.

    • Spring – looking for the first flowers. Taking any debris off emerging plants.

    • Summer – harvesting fruits and flowers, making houses with lawn clippings (then putting to compost!)

  • Here I can also offer some fun activities to do. 


Promoting health through gardening

More about this soon.

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Schools Natural Sussex little Gardeners

More about this soon.