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 Ethos of a Natural approach

Using simple, natural methods together we can promote a healthy, and flourishing garden, which meets both the gardens and your needs.

Your garden, no matter how small or big, has its own individual expression, which through using various natural methods, we can encourage to grow in an colourful and self sustaining way, throughout the seasonal year.

Natural methods can promote the healthy functioning of your gardens ecosystem, and make it more self-sustaining.

For example, we can:

  • use planting schemes that provide food for bees and butterflies

  • create habitats that invite in beneficial predatory insects

  • use simple composting methods

  • harvest rain water

  • or just simply spend time in your garden with a more attentive look.

All of the above, not only benefit the garden but in the long term can also be more cost effective, creating a rewarding and satisfying way of living alongside your garden.  


Individual, self-sustaining
natural gardens

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Individual expression of your garden

Through out the cycle of the year nature is busy at work in the garden, as are you, between you and nature the garden comes into its own individual expression.

If you look to the area where you live, there are they are, all these different kinds of gardens, each expressing something of the people who live there and the nature that also lives there. A kind of painting arises, a garden painted by you and nature. 

The above photo is of Monks house, Rodmell, Sussex. The expression of this garden relates to the personality of Leonard Woolf, and others who visited and lived here, like the members of the revolutionary artistic Bloomsbury group. 

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A self sustaining garden

Just  as the body is a complex organism, with lots of different parts, that interelate on different levels, so too the garden is a complex organism with different parts, that interelate on different levels.

By paying attention to how these parts come together in a mutually beneficial way, we can help the garden maintain a healthy balance.

Today due to the influences of agricultural practices and clearing of land for developments,

we are seeing a decline in different speices of plants and wildlife, which in turn is deadening our local ecosystems and bringing them out of balance. 

By addressing the idea of sustainability we can create better balance in the garden.